: Always a most pleasant visit. I always feel like I'm in good, capable hands, the hygienists and assistants, as well as office personnel, are just the nicest, and Dr. V always explains any procedures really well.
Dianne W.

: Becky welcomed me with her big smile and we had a nice talk. She also explained the insurance coverage very well. Yonnie made me feel so comfortable while cleaning my teeth that I fell asleep! Dr Vadnal was his charismatic self. I left very well informed. Jane stopped me just to wish me Merry Christmas. Everyone I saw wished me Merry Christmas!
Bob S.

I wouldn't change a thing. I am not the best patient. I have my hand held by the assistants when in my mind its gonna hurt but it doesn't. Dr Vadnal is the best dentist i have ever had. The ladies in the practice are wonderful. I consider them as family I hope more people join this group as there is no comparison. I have had a dentist from hell, no more. I'm staying right here
Dana F

: Don't change anything, as long as you retain your current staff and treat new staff the same way. You have me and everyone I recommend to have dental work performed here for life. Thank you.
Stephen K.

Best dental experience my daughter ever had and we have tried three different dentist for her until we found this office.

Jamie S.

For a root canal (which sounded a bit frightening) I felt no pain and while it wasn't a day at the beach, I was comfortable and well tended.

Everyone was very understanding of my fears and made me feel comfortable with the work that needed to be done. They also helped me understand the billing process with my new insurance company which saved me a lot of headache in dealing with insurance companies. After every visit, I am very glad I found the Smile Center for my dental needs.

We always enjoy our trips to St. Louis Smile Center. Our kids have a great time and enjoy all of the kindness and compliments that they receive from the hygienists. It is always well worth the hour drive to come in. We wouldn't go anywhere else! The yummy cookie treats are always the perfect way to end our visit too! Thank you!
Sarah O

Great visit. Very understanding and supportive to my dental phobia. Kept checking on me and helping to calm me. Would definitely recommend to Anyone.

I appreciate how Mary Lou taught me how to brush properly. She also demonstrated how to clean the area around the gum line more thoroughly and how to hold my toothbrush. Nobody has ever taken the time to educate me. Thank you!!
Gina H

Everyone was very friendly and extremely sensitive to my fear of dentistry. Having been there in a dual-appointment; mine and my husband's, I could see that attentiveness and gentleness is standard regardless of fears or not. Everything was explained thoroughly and with patience and understanding. I wouldn't suggest any changes.

I was actually early for my appointment and you were able to walk accommodate me. No waiting at all. Good cookies! :)

Impressed by first appointment.
Carol N

I hate going to the dentist or should I say I used to hate going to the dentist... I really enjoyed my visit. I had a wonderful conversation with Debbie and both of the receptionists are charming. Most importantly, Dr. Vadnal stayed concerned with how comfortable I was at all times. I was in and out in no time. I already have recommended this dentist and I plan to continue.

Please tell Dr. Vadnal that the plate feels great! I was able to wear it all night last night, until I went to bed, and have had it in all day today. Quite a change from before, when I only wore it when I went out of the house. My family is very happy. . .no more toothless grandma! Thanks again! PS The office staff is always a delight, and very efficient. As a former executive secretary, I really appreciate quality staff!

: I really appreciate everyone being so patient with me. I always leave feeling like I am cared about. Dental appointments are stressful for me, but The Smile Center makes me feel at ease every time.
Mary Jo A.

Yonnie did a great job cleaning my teeth and pointing out areas I need to give extra attention to when brushing my teeth!!

Everyone on the staff is excellent. I always feel like I'm visiting dear friends instead of making a visit to the dentist.

I'm not one who would recommend anyone but your team was great. I felt at home my doctor was above the curve. I would overall rate your establishment as the best in St. Louis. I can’t thank you enough!

My visit was awesome. The entire team fro Dr. Vadnal, receptionist, hygienist, to claims treated me with dignity and respect. I left the office feeling confident in the therapy that was given and also preventative approaches to be used in the future.

I Wish That I had Known About You SOONER You’re A WonderFul dentist I’M Glad I CAME GOD BLESS

Very excellent service every time I come there!! Very understanding when it comes to financial matters and are always willing to work with me.

The problem is I feel so at home with all of you your like family....You guys are all so awesome. No one is supposed to feel that good about going to the dentist are they?????? Thanks and appreciate all of you.

The service I received was EXCELLENT! ALL staff was very friendly as well as professorial, I have made referrals and will continual to do so! In the words of my children, "THE ST.LOUIS SMILE CENTER ROCKS!" Have a very Merry Christmas!

I dread my dental appointments and am so glad when they are over but I can't imagine a better dental staff. Very friendly and I appreciate the attempt to keep me comfortable.

From the time I stepped into St Louis Smile Center I felt the love and care from the front desk to the back were they set me before seeing the Dr. I’m so glad I found this place. I’m so afraid of the dentist, but Dr Vadnal is so caring I just wish I can overcome my fears, because his staff is so wonderful. I just love coming to his office.

From the staff to the DR. they really care about your fears and they work with you and talk to you through it all and I'm so glad I found them. Keep up the good work! I said if you can work with me you got to be awesome. Because I'm so fearful of the dentist, and for them to work with a cry baby as myself they are wonderful. I referred a friend to you and soon as she left your office she called me while she was getting in her car tellling me how thankful she'd asked me were I go because she knew I'm fearful of dentist and for me to go and let them work with me she was like 'is he still excepting new patients.' I told her yes and she called and got an appointment. She loves you guys as much as I do. Thanks again for putting up with a grown cry baby.

I'm still learning the staff names but I think everyone in the office is doing a great job. I especially like that Jane talked to me during my dental work so it kept my mind off what they were doing. St Louis Smile is the best. I should have come there years ago when my sister first told me about you guys. Keep up the great work you do!

I can't believe I would say that I enjoyed my dental visit especially getting my first filling but the team there from the front desk to Dr Vadnal is wonderful. You guys did a great job and I felt really comfortable.

I just love coming to the dentist! They are so concerned about your feelings and treat you with the most respect and love. It's just wonderful the way the whole staff treat you. I love the Smile Center and especially Dr V.

I just wanted to thank your entire staff for such a wonderful visit we had
yesterday! My daughter, Lilly (5 years), was so nervous about going because she
heard horror stories about the dentist from her classmates! Your entire staff
especially (Jane, I believe her name was) was absolutely amazing!! Lilly felt so
comfortable and talked about her visit the entire night! She even wants to go back
before her 6 month appointment!
Katie S.

I have been a patient at St. Louis Smile Center for many years and will continue to do so for many more. The staff are extremely friendly and professional at all times and they strive to make all patients feel welcome and at ease.

Hello St Louis smile Center Staff, I miss you guys, not the work on my mouth. I miss the staff! When is my next visit? So far everything is going just fine. I can’t stay away from looking in the mirror. I can’t think Dr. Derek enough for helping me get my smile back. Hope to see you and the lovely staff soon.
L. Tyler

The two ladies at the front desk were very friendly and helpful. The dental assistant calmed me down. Dentist did not make me wait and explained everything to me that was going to happen. Everyone tried to make the extreme fear I was feeling go away. The chocolate chip cookie was an added bonus.

Every single person that works there is extremely friendly and genuinely concerned about the patients well being. Please, don't change a thing.
Clint E

Everyone was great!!!!!!!!!! From the Dentist to the lady who explained my benefits they made sure I knew what was going on and I love that they didn't sugar coat anything. They made sure I knew exactly what was going on.

Overall it was much more professional than what I have been used to over the past several years since seeing just a one person dental operation. Perhaps the most obvious difference, unfortunately for my teeth, was that my dentist was not an oral hygienist and as a result, he treated that part of my dental care as a real "side note" so to speak. That was the most thorough cleaning I have had in years and I have been much more motivated to brush and floss more regularly already as a result.
J. Collins

The Dentist actually listened to my concerns and answered my questions. He let me know everything he was about to do and how he wanted to procede with my care. He also took the time to read the letter from my dentist in Seattle , WA, twice to have a good understanding of what procedure I had done prior to my visit with him. I think I'm going to like it here.

This staff is excellent, I don't think you can fix anything here, it is not broken. God Bless you all in this Holiday Season.

It's been a while since I was in, but the continuity of the staff made me feel right at home.
P. Miller

I couldn't imagine your team giving any better service and care than already provided. The staff goes way beyond anyone's expectations. All of you should be commended.
Mary Beth

Going to the dentist causes me some anxiety. Because of this, I had fallen pretty far behind on getting a regular cleaning. I chose the St. Louis Smile Center because their website addressed dental anxiety. My experience was really wonderful. Everyone that I met was extremely friendly and this alone alleviated some of my anxiety. Dr. Vadnal met with me before my first cleaning and explained the options they have available for patients that have anxiety like myself and helped me select a simple yet very effective solution. My hygienist was very nice, very professional and in no way judgmental. I was able to get cleaned up and current and I feel so much better. I’ll be back every six months for sure.

I’m so happy that I found you guys or my smile wound have not return to the beautiful smile that I have now. Thanks again for working with me and giving me my smile back. Thanks so much!!

I love the whole team and my children love them also. And that was their first and second visit. Continue your wonderful service.

There is nothing I will change about my dentist. I’m so blessed to have found someone that really cares about their patients and will wait on them to make up there mind to get things done and they don’t pressure you for nothing. I have never been so comfortable with the dentist as I am with Dr.V and his staff. I love them so much. I thank God for them everyday.

I met new staff person, Maria, who was very friendly and has a sweet personality. I have always felt comfortable at Smile Center. Everyone is always kind and caring. I feel at home at Smile Center always. God bless all of you.

My family had some scheduling conflicts the day of our appointments. I had to switch appt times and the team was great at accommodating my family.

Becky was the first person I had any contact with from the office and she definitely left me with a great first impression of the company. She was very friendly and accommodating to my needs.
Courtney A

I appreciate the friendliness of the entire staff. Everyone there is great and always make me feel comfortable. Even more important is that my son feels comfortable and I know that he enjoyed his visit.

It was a good introductory meeting. I felt comfortable and welcome.
M Davis

Super Office & Staff!!! Very friendly, professional staff. They put me at ease; we had fun. The Dr. & staff did their job keeping up their friendly banter while including me. Dr. made sure I was comfortable & informed every step of the procedure. I felt like I was home with family & walked out pain free with a new tooth. I will recommend them to anyone & challenge you to find a better dental home.

The ladies that greet us at the front desk are so friendly and welcoming. Just super. Also the blonde lady that assisted my cleaning is full of fun. I felt like my teeth were thoroughly cleaned. Good job.

Everyone there is always cheerful and accommodating. I come although you are considered out of network on my insurance.

Best medical staff I have ever encountered. Very attentive to the patients needs and very, very patient.

Everyone was courteous and professional. I called in the morning to make an appointment for a problem with a bridge I was having and they got me in that afternoon!

My 6 yr old says she cant wait to go back to the dentist and i have anxiety when its my turn. thanks smile center for all you do!

Not a better staff in ANY medical office.

I would like to thank Dr. Vadnal and his wonderful assistant for giving me the oppurtunity to observe the latest software and hardware used in making my crown. It was very impressive and I truly appreciate this opportunity!! This was the most fun I have ever had at a dentist office!! Also my new crown feels great! Thanks again for this wonderful opportunity and for being such a great organization and true artists in the world of dentistry!!!
Don, Retired Electrical Engineer

Everyone is always very welcoming and pleasant. It's very convenient that you have Saturday hours once a month.

I am sure in another dental office I would have felt very uncomfortable. I am happy to have found a great dentist with a super team. I am new to St. Louis and I am just happy I did not have to make a trip back to Chicago to visit my previous dentist. Thanks so much

Im so happy I found st louis smile center, this company rocks. I love this staff to death. Thanks for not giving up on me when I first came to you. Im so thankful and gratful for all you guys do for me. thank you again . How can you rate someone that is awesome 5 stars is not enough . I give you guys 10000 stars.

There is absolutely NOTHING I would change. Dr. V is awesome, kind, gentle,and caring. All the ladies are not only nice but they are all pretty with the most warm and loving smiles. I actually hate going to the dentist but I love my dentist and his staff. Thank God there are still a few dentist that are good at what they do and care about what they are doing and also treat you like a person and not a number. Again I just love my dentist!!!!!!!!!

I love everyone in Dr Vadnal's office, including Dr. Vadnal. :) Everyone is very friendly, patient and seem genuinely concerned about my dental health.

I had a really good visit. I left feeling confident and secure about what was going to be happening in subsequent visits.

Everyone was great! Very nice and friendly. The Doctor was excellent at explaining everything to me and I really appreciated his time in doing so!

I could not wait to tell others how great a dental visit could be! Very good things were done that I have never had before. Glad I made this choice, everyone was quite friendly and professional.

My son is 4yrs old and the dental hygienist made him feel comfortable and at ease during his cleaning.

Front office reception, yes the cookie was very good, as it was the first time I have eaten one of those 280 calorie cholesterol cloggers. I am still working it off, but yes, good. Thanks to all the great staff there, as usual. I heed their words and as a result, a great check up.
Elizabeth H

It has always been a great experience, with Dr Vandal and all of the staff
Allan B

I like getting the fresh baked cookies at the end of my visit. I appreciate getting the same appointment time for my check ups, every six months.

I have been coming to St. Louis Simile Center since I was a child. Everyone one here is friendly, caring, and treat me like family. Even though I have moved out of state twice I always came here. I love you guys and don't want to go anywhere else.
L Johnson

Everyone was very nice and did a great job as always!
Ray W

Everyone was acceptionally friendly and thoughtful.

Going to this office has been my best dental experiences. Thank you.

I can say that my dentist visit was an enjoyable experience! Everyone is so nice, and the cookies are the best. My husband will be coming in November.

Everyone is so nice and welcoming. I always feel right at home when coming in for a visit.


Always great to see the Staff. I always refer folks to the best dentistry service in town -- that's you! See you again in December for a cleaning. I'll bring Christmas cookies too!! God bless, everybody.
Father Joe

This was my very first visit and I've already told all my friends how great your office is!! I was actually excited to show my mom my dental plan and how payment wasn't so bad after all! Thought it was going to take me years to fix my teeth! Only going to take 4 visits! Actually excited about going to the dentist!

I am very happy with the treatment I receive at The Smile Center. Please stay where you are and keep the practice going!

Dr. explains things thoroughly! Hygienist is nice AND very professional. The offer of a water bottle after the visit is an unexpected (and nice) touch!

Yonnie has always been great. The ladies up front are always cordial and friendly. Good staff. Dr. Vadnal is always friendly and gentle (good for patients like me who hate the dentist's)

I met MaryLou who filled in for Yonnie. She only works on Wednesday,and this is the first time that I met her although she has been there for as long as I have been a patient.She did a great job and it was great meeting her!!
Don H

From start to finish, everyone was wonderful, and tried to make me at ease.

This was my first time with the hygienist which completed my cleaning. She was very pleasant and I enjoyed my cleaning (smile) See you in 6 months

Your entire staff is wonderful! I appreciated the warm welcome from Sharon, Cathy, Jane and the excellent work of Dr. Vadnal.

Marylou did a great job cleaning my teeth and explaining how to continue good dental health. Sharona always greats me with a smile and makes me feel welcome. Jane has the best laugh and hugs and Cathy always makes paying the bill as painless as possible. I'm very glad I stayed with the St. Louis Smile Center when Dr. Vadnal took over the practice. He's very professional and has gentle hands when working in my mouth.

Sharron and Becky are great as is the hygienist but I don't know her name. Doc is very good too.

Reply: Thank you John, we appreciate our patients and are always glad to hear you had a good experience during your visit. Your hygienist was Yonnie
John H

Everyone was very friendly and made me feel at ease during my visit!

My daughter and I feel comfortable with the staff at St. Louis Smile Center. We had a nice conversation with Becky before the appointment and during the appointment, Jane kept us both entertained. Dr. Vadnal is thorough with his exams and explanations. I'm glad we found them!
Melissa M.

My wife and daughter have been trying to convince me to switch to Dr. Vadnal for years. I'm glad I finally did!

Don't change anything ...You all are Great!!You make someone feel like they are family....

IT was great. I normally dread going to the dentist, but everyone there is really nice and not scary. I am actually looking forward to my next appointment.

We always enjoy our trips to the dentist. You all always take such great care of us. Our children love to come to the dentist and Keely is constantly reminding us that she has to brush her teeth before bed each night now! Dr. Vadnal is always wonderful and that is why we drive over an hour in to see you all every 6 months! Thank you!

as always.. very friendly .. very efficient . Peace UP! Ellen
Ellen S

Not a new patient, but still totally surprised to not only receive excellent dental care but butterflies as well. They are beautiful and now have a very good home. Talk about service above and beyond. Thank You

As always, staff and service was excellent!!

Leanne M

Yani(sp?) cleaned my teeth, and I believe it was the best cleaning I've ever had. She is sweet, patient and painless. Great job and no pain - what more could one ask?
Mary Beth L

The entire staff makes me feel welcome every time.

Dr Vadnal & Jane were very nice to constantly ask if I was comfortable during my 2 1/2 hour procedure. All staff were friendly & courteous from check in til I walked out the door. Very warm & welcoming. Would recommend to all. Loved the refreshments after the visit! Thank you St Louis Smile Center!

Would never have believed how comfortable I could be at the dentist's office! Amazing group of people! Always above and beyond!

The hygienist is outstanding! She made me feel very comfortable and explained everything she was doing.
Beverly H

Appreciate Dr. Vadnal and his assistant Jane, for the quick response and excellent job when I had to request an appointment to have my cap on my tooth re-attached after it accidentally came off. Thanks!!!

Good visit with pleasant atmoshpere. High confidence in quality of dental care
Jerry G

Yonnie did a great job cleaning my teeth and Dr. Vadnal checked them over when she was done.You can always count on St. Louis Smile Center to take care of all your dental needs!!! Thanks
Don H

The ultrasonic scaler is painful. I liked the old way better.

Reply from Sharron: Robert we don't like any of our patients to be in pain, but when there is buildup or calculus that needs to be removed the ultrasonic does the best job. Perhaps you can ask Yonnie to use some numbing around the gum area. It helps me when I have to have a little more aggressive cleaning done. Did you tell her you were uncomfortable?

Robert S

I just love everyone in that office. They are so caring and to put up with this cry baby u are awesome. I can't think of her name that took care of me my last visit she is wonderful so caring and gentle in what she does. I'm so grateful for finding this office. Thank for all of you. And Dr. V. Is awesome. I just love him. Lois
Lois T

Jane made me feel very comfortable, we talked about movies and beagle dogs !

I always feel like a family member when I visit. I also know that I am receiving the best care from everyone!
Darla R

Everything was just "Great"!

Met the new receptionist. I'm bad with names but she was very pleasant and it was a pleasure to make her acquaintance.

Thank you so much for working me in. You all are the best!!
Carol S

Yonnie is fantastic
Mary G

I loved Jane (Jan? Lots of frogs--sorry, had the two teeth that needed to come out out today so kind of loopy.) She made me feel great and was so easy to work with. Excellent person for a fearful patient like me. The front desk girls were fun and friendly and Dr. Vadnal was patient and understanding of my issues and concerns.
Kaelee N

This is a highly professional but at the same time friendly and personable team.
Carol B

I fell in love with the entire staff
Rose C

Both ladies at the front desk were very compassionate regarding how anxious I was. They worked me in the next morning when I called in serious discomfort. The entire team cares it shows in every aspect of the appointment. I am not an easy patient to deal with however they handle my care professionally. You should be proud of the team you have. I tell everyone about this practice Glen R
Glen R

just love you guys!
Dianne W

Great experience every time. Everyone there is so caring & friendly.
Mickie O

Everyone in the office is friendly and helpful. I have been going to this office for years and they treat me like family. I appreciate their kindness and thoughtfulness when taking care of me and my teeth! :)
Lisa G

The service was great like always all the way down to the staff
Willene R

As always I'm so bless to have found this place . If they make any more comfortable I will be sleeping in the chair
Lois T

I was very impressed with the office staff and the doctor. Of course your hygienist is the greatest of all. (she is my best friend) I thought the idea of getting cookie at the end was different and very nice. I used your office as one of my provider office visit ( I am employed by Delta Dental of Missouri) and reported all this to Julie Partney, who is our provider relations person. Your office got a 5 star rating from me. thanks again for helping to feel welcome and comfortable on my dental appointment at your office, Sincerely Anita T
Anita T

I always have a great visit. The staff make me feel so comfortable and Dr. Vadnal is awesome, very very professional. The ladies are very friendly. That make my visit more relaxed.
LaTanya S

Yonnie continues to be a wonderful resource to me in helping keep my teeth clean. She always has suggestions for things I can do to improve my dental health.......I really appreciate that.
Andrea C

EVERYONE! was friendly and professional. Made me feel welcome I greatly appreciated the hygienist. She made sure I was comfortable throughout the cleaning and even applied some gel to areas of sensitivity before she started.
Mary D

Everyone was so friendly and helpful. A fun place to go.
Pauline L

Love Dr. V and the staff!
Ruby T

Yonnie is great. I know I am not an easy patient, but she does a great job and takes good care of me.
Susan J

When an unscheduled dental visit is required, you can count on Dr. Vadnal and his staff to take care of your dental needs in a timely manner!!!
Don H

Dr vadnal is the best!! Very gentle!! Jane is a wonderful assistant!! I am extremely pleased with my dental visit!!
Wendy C

I just want to say that I was very impressed that the procedure was practically painless and didn't take as long as I thought it would take. Dr Vadnal did an excellent job and I would highly recommend him. His staff is lovely also. They are very welcoming and friendly and put me at ease.
Gloria T

The front desk lady was very helpful!
Chris F

Yonnie is the best, she is the reason I kept coming back even after moving to south county.
Amanda J

Hygienist was very friendly and competent . Of coarse Dr Vadnal is great.
Nora T

I had an emergency because one of my old crowns came off. Everyone was so quick to help me. My crown was reattached and I was on my way in about 30 minutes. This was fantastic service. Thanks so much and Merry Christmas, Bob S
Robert S

Love the great customer service from everyone in the office! And the cookie at the end of the visit makes it an even more wonderful experience!!
Latova G

Excellent service, super friendly staff
Brandi D

Love Dr. Vadnal and everyone at the Smile Center.
Sue K

Everyone in this office is excellent and so nice!!!
Barbara H

Everyone you encounter at this office is ALWAYS friendly and have smiles. I love going to my appointments!
Mary C

I love how the staff remembers things about my family and how they get along so well with each other. There is nothing worse for a patient than an unhappy staff member in a doctors office. The cookies are great as well :-).
Sandra M

: Friendly staff; very accommodating. Goes our of their way to make sure you're feeling as comfortable as possible (even though you're having dental work done-take it whatever way you'd like). Afterwards, the front desk staff always has a cookie and a bottle of water waiting for you as you are on your way out-BONUS!!
Gina H.

I wouldn't change a thing. The entire staff is great. They are all very friendly and Donna does a great job taking care of my teeth. I highly recommend St. Louis Smile Center.
Clint E

Everyone at the SLSC is terrific - wonderful care all the way around. Dr. Vadnal ROCKS!
Susan K

As always the staff is incredibly polite and personable. Always greeted by name. Concerned about my comfort - through out the procedure. Have recommended to others.
William H

Everyone there is wonderful!! I'm more relaxed than I have EVER been at a dentist appt!

I love coming to the smile center for my dental needs! I feel so at ease and taken care of. The Staff is always attentive! And when I had financial concerns Dr. V. And his team were extremely patient and understanding!
Joy S

I always feel very comfortable! LOVE this dental office.
Barbara H

This is the most personable and amazing service you will ever get!! Everyone knows your name and is soo inviting and caring!! I love everyone in this office!!!
Rita B

The procedure was trying, but Jane's friendly voice really kept me calm.
Robert S

Warm, caring staff and Dr. Vadnal takes his time to make sure you are comfortable. He explains exactly what he is doing and answers questions while treating you with respect. Best dental office I have ever seen.
Lisa L

Yonnie , is so Sweet and very gentle with me every time I come , and the front desk are awesome . Now my Dr V is the best, I am so happy I found him . I get so emotion every time I talk about you guys to anybody. You worked with me and gave me my smile back. Thank you so so much.
Lois T

Dr Vandal and the staff are top notch. Customer Service is fantastic. I am at ease immediately. Friendly, caring, compassionate and professional. Dr Vandal is a wonderful, skilled, caring dentist. By his and his staff's actions, you can tell they care very much about their patients.
Kerry M

Everyone always makes me feel welcomed and comfortable. They make my visit very nice!!
Lisa G

I am terrified of the dentist, but coming here has changed my view. Dr. Vadnal is great at not only his dental work, but also at making me feel comfortable and even goes over the top by supplying head phones the day of my procedure because he knows that helps. They got me in immediately the other day when they were booked because I had an emergency situation and were very friendly like always when I arrived. They also were great with my 3 year old son whom I had to bring along. Everyone who works there has been just amazing to me and my family. They also know my financial situation and help me in whatever way they can. They want to get paid but they truelly care about their patients which I unfortunately cannot say for many other dental offices I have been to before. I plan on remaining a customer of St Louis smile center and will refer any family or friend who needs a great dentist. Jessica B.

The dr and entire staff are fantastic
Steven B Sr

Everyone is always great when I have an appointment and this visit was no exception!
Doug L

Great crew, compassionate dentist. Dentist is current on all NEW dental technology.Highly recommended !!!
Margie B

Great cleaning!!!! Appreciated the in depth explanation with regard to my wisdom tooth and our options to solve my issue. X-Ray/Visual on the tooth was educational and provided an excellent tool for explaining the next course of action that will follow. THX,
Jerry G

St. Louis Smile Center team is the best. The people has always has great manners been very proficient and friendly their work IS the best there is nothing more you can ask for.
Doris L

I always appreciate the advice Yonnie gives me regarding how I can continue to clean and maintain my teeth.
Andrea C

The whole staff is professional, very knowledgeable and friendly. I look forward to my visits, the staff make you feel welcome. Shhhh. I also enjoy sharing conversations about our families.
LaTanya S

I think you have an amazing staff. They are always so warm and friendly. They take good care of me. I recommend them to any of my friends who ask about my dentist.
Phyllis W

Don't change a thing! I think you All are doing a great job at what you do! Every time I came in or called I was treated with respect an you All are so sweet from the ladies at the front desk to the ladies in the back working along side Dr. Vadnal an himself...! Hands down the BEST Dental Office Ever!!!!
Alicia P

I have 3 boys and they enjoy coming to the dentist at the Smile Center. The staff is great and make my family feel special.
Don R..

Great staff and wonderful doctor, Happy New Year !
Margie B

No need to change anything your staff does. You are always courteous and professional. Mary Beth L.

I love getting my teeth clean. Especially when it's my mother (Yonnie ) cleaning them.

: Becky is a wonderful receptionist!!! Mary Lou did a great job cleaning our teeth and Dr. Vadnal is always an exceptional dentist!!! I'm so glad my friend Kathy recommended you!!!
Pat C.

As always, I received the best possible dental care and actually enjoy seeing Dr. Vadnal and the staff.
Sue K

Everyone in the staff is awesome. Your staff make me feel welcomed, they're very friendly and I would definitely recommend friends and family. I've never Waited long past my scheduled appointment.
LaTanya S

Everyone that works there are top notch! I will soon be moving much farther away from your location, but, will definitely continue to come to your practice.
Clint E

Awesome service. .i love everyone there. Look forward to seeing you next time
Donna M

I can't thank everyone enough! You guys are amazing. Wonderful people that care about you. My tooth never looked better. Thank you!
Carol S

The hygienist is a miracle worker! She has the most gentle touch and helps me to feel calm even though I gag easily. Everyone there is wonderful, personable, and professional. A winning combination that will keep me coming back as long as I have teeth!
Beverly H

From the front staff to the back everyone was nice, friendly, caring and very welcoming - I don't usually have pleasant experiences when dealing with the public in general and it was such a great experience - I feel like it was a dream.
Elizabeth P

Everyone here is wonderful! Every time I'm there I feel like I'm visiting family!
Don D

The moment you open the front door, you are greeted with warmth, sincerity and all around excellent customer service. Dr Vandal and Jane are always professional, caring and amazing.

Kerry M

I love the entire staff including the Doctor everyone is always so friendly
Linda B

EVERYONE is so friendly and professional but it still feels like a visit with family instead of a visit to the dentist.
Don D

Please don't change a thing . St. Louis smile is the best......

I always feel comfortable at my visits. Everyone is so caring and makes sure I am doing ok. all the time I am there. I cannot think of anything I would change. I feel so blessed to have such great people attending me.
Vergyl W

As you have probably picked up, I am generally distrustful of the dental industry but I am feeling more confident about the the work of Dr. Vadnal and the dental hygienists. The front desk associates are always very friendly and professional.
Heather M

Everyone always super nice, and give the impression that they are glad to be there and glad to see you, thanks
James F

Everyone always super nice, and give the impression that they are glad to be there and glad to see you, thanks
James F

I think that the way their office works at this time is very satisfactory!
Mary C

Everything and everyone was great! Very friendly and comfortable environment. All information was presented and explained and not rushed.
Jaimie C

Everyone I met and everyone who took care of me was absolutely phenomenal I cannot wait to come back cannot wait to bring my kids back .

Lee M

Dr. Vadnal was extremely professional and suggested treatments for my condition that has never been suggested to me. He also provided me with better wording to describe one of my medical issues as being increased by stress.

Joyce H

Jane made feel right at home. Becky and Sharron were very pleasant. Thank you

We don't know which of our patients wrote this but we are happy to have made them feel comfortable while in our our office. We try always to make a visit ot the dental office a good experience and treat our patients as we would our own family. So although you didn't sign your name we wish to thank you for your kind words. Sharron

The receptionist with the English accent made me feel very at ease about everything. The dentist was very personal, which I appreciated very much. I will definitely recommend this dentist to friends and family. I was definitely won over.

Sheila W

The whole office staff was very friendly. I absolutely love everyone there!
Katie C

Always takes good care of me. Thanks
S Johnston

You guys are excellent, no changes needed!!!
Deion H

Your office is like family.
Reply: Margie, we like to treat our patients as if they are family, it's important to us that you feel comfortable when you come see us. We have ourselves sat in the dental chair and know how stressful it can be, so thank you for letting us know we have made you feel good about your visit. Sharron
Margie B

I love the Smile Center website. Pictures are great and you all look like a family. That is why I love coming there.

See you Monday to pick up my new retainer!

Sincerely, Patricia J

: The office was nice, clean and the staff was friendly. I really enjoy the treats!
Katherine N

I can't single out one person to comment on because EVERYONE there is excellent!
Don D II

EVERYONE is so nice and friendly. The staff make you feel like family. I've been going there for a few years and have not had one issue with the staff. Definitely recommend friends and family.
Unknown sender of review Feb 2017

Yanni is an excellent dental hygienist...she does a very thorough job of educating you about how to keep your teeth/mouth healthy.
Unknown reviewer....

Everybody is wonderful. Most amazing dental office I've ever been to!

Yonnie is the best DH I've ever had. She's extremely personable, friendly and I truly feel like I'm greeting a friend every time I have an appointment. I never feel like just another patient and every time I visit it's a warm welcome. Also, I never have to wait. Which is awesome!
Benjamin K

: Even though my first visit was a wait 30 minutes pass my apt due to low staff that day I did not mind. The receptionist is soooo friendly. I really like her.
Rochelle H.

: I absolutely love this place!!!
Katie C.

Already comfortable with everyone at every visit. Do not know of any further services that I would need. As always great to see everyone, and everyone makes you feel welcome. Great staff
Elizabeth H

: Everyone was so wonderful! Have already given out your contact information to friends and family!
Whitney T

Friendly office that makes going to the dentist easier. They really seem to care about the comfort of their patients.
Jamie S

No changes needed.Outstanding
Deion H

: I think Dr. Vandnall is a great dentist. I absolutely love the staff. Extremely professional and friendly. Hats off to the Smile Center
Darryl R.

Wonderful place. My visits are welcoming and professional!
Beverly H.

: Don't change a thing! You all are great!
Parris B.

I honestly would change a thing. I love, love, love your office!!!
Jennifer G.

I always am treated with the utmost respect and feel like I am with friends while I am there. Thank you for all you do.
Carla N

Sharron, Becky, Jane. All three were great. Jane, with her chitter chat about the Day, the Sunrise, and Everything was distracting from what I was there to do in my early days when I was actually scared of what might happen, Becky was out there at the front desk and she withstood my goofy personality with grace and an occasional giggle, Sharron was always bright and sunny whenever I came in.
James D

I feel like I am visiting family when I go to the dentist. Everyone is great!
Robert S

Mary Lou and the entire staff are excellent
Michael G

: Becky, Yonnie & Dr Vadnal all took very good care of me.
Bob S.

: No changes You are great the way you are. Thank you!!!!!
Karen S.

Everyone was awesome, Jane, Becky and Dr. Vadnal
Tina A.

: I would not change anything, From the initial greeting the second you walk in the front door to the Doc going out of his way to explain everything that he was doing and him making sure I did not feel a thing. I have always dreaded the dentist in the past but I can honestly say, not anymore. The cookies are a nice touch, especially since they are from the dentist. Keep up the great work!!
Jim H.

: No complaints. Love this place. Such nice people!
Greg B.

Just keep up the good work. Thank you for all you do.
Laura C.

: I think everybody in the office is awesome!
Rochelle H.

: Would change nothing!
David C.

Professional, caring, and true pain free dentistry. They fully explained every step and was very empathetic to my apprehension. Great team
Glenn R.

Becky & Jane were very friendly and helpful.
Bob S.

Always feel comfortable when i go in.. great office atmosphere..
Ellen S.

: I was in for a cleaning. Donna was friendly and professional. She was very efficient and took her time to explain what she was doing. I loved the cookie and water when it was all done!
Barbara M.

: I always feel as if I receive the very best care from all of the staff at St. Louis Smile Center
Carla N.

Everyone is very friendly and thorough. I feel I had a great experience and would recommend this dental office to friends and family. Becky (receptionist) is great!
Michele B.

I would change nothing-and would recommend everyone here! ❤️
Laura L.

: just keep up the good work.
Laura C.

: Love your staff and your chocolate chunk cookies!!!

I have been going to this practice for Avery long time so I know most employees but love Jane and Yanni
Sharon H.

Treated like family. 5 star office, 5 star -Dr, V. Thanks for doing a great job. I am NOT afraid, anymore.
Margie B.

Jozette P.

This was not a routine visit. Although it turned out to be a somewhat "difficult" procedure, Dr. Derek and his assistant, Maria, proved to be very professional and took good care of me through the whole thing! When it was over, everything was explained thoroughly and my post-procedure discomfort was minimal. Consider me pleased and impressed.
Scott S.

Mary is great. She makes my visit feel like I’m catching up with a friend.. while she cleans my teeth. And she does an awesome job.
Nina S.

I love that everyone is so personable and willing to help the patience. Every staff member is so caring. I love Dr Vadnal, he cares about my teeth and well being.
Lilith P.

: I have already referred friends to you and everyone is very happy with the service they have received. I have received excellent care and you have been able to fit me in when I have had an emergency.

The entire staff was great and very professional. Thank you, all.

: All of the staff was friendly and competent. Dr. Vandal is an excellent dentist

: I was very impressed by how friendly everyone in the office is. I felt like I was in good capable hands the entire visit

All the staff is very friendly and welcoming. Would definitely recommend.

: Thanks for taking care of me with respect and professional way. I felt very comfortable while I was there and I never had that with a dentist I'm very scary of dental work on me but you made me feel at easy
Chris G.

: You always make me feel comfortable
Carol M.

: Omg , I can’t say enough about Ms Y and Dr V I’m so happy with all that they do and done for me every time I have to see them. I’m so afraid of going to the Denist but everythingtme I go they make me feel great. I just love everyone in that office. I was so emotional when I showed up got my appointment on October 25, I tired to hold it together but just loosing my Baby Sister and then a week later my aunt Im just a mess . I just like to thank Ms Y for Listening and letting and me get it out
Lois T.

: The office staff is always pleasant and it is pleasure to go see everyone at this office.
Christine E.

: Dr V. Is the best. And his assistance, I didn’t get her name she was awesome she really calm me when I sit in that chair . I was all over the place . I really appreciate that whole team ... Thanks
Lois T.

: Everyone is doing a great job. I appreciate all of you :)
Gina H.

I cant recommend any ways this office could get any better. You will not be disappointed in the service you receive. Thank you Dr Vadnal and ladies, you’re the best
Dana F.

Yonnie and Maria both did their absolute best to make a nervous patient feel at ease. Dr. Vadnel treated a tough area to work on PAIN FREE. Others say it, they deliver.
Glen R.

: Everyone in the office is very friendly and always make me feel comfortable. If I have any needs they make every effort to accommodate me and meet my needs. I would definitely recommend this office and I already have.
Mary T.

Don't change a thing. I hate going to the dentist but when I come there its different. The team makes sure they take good care of you.
Nikia B.

: As always my visit was very pleasant. From the receptionists, to the dental assistant, to the dentist, I felt everyone was very friendly, professional, and genuinely cared that my appointment went smoothly. I’ve been telling my friends and family to join this dental practice if they are in need of dentist. Keep up the good work.

Everyone from the front desk to the hygienist and dentist were awesome! I was very comfortable with the entire appointment.
Sara S.

: Best customer service we’ve ever experienced. Keep up the kindness!!
Christy W.

I think everyone in the office is really nice, polite and professional.
Rochelle H.

Thanks for giving me my smile back
Carol M.

: I'm always greeted cheerfully when I arrive and the receptionist always knows who I am, which is much appreciated. The hygienist is always mindful to ask if I am having any issues.

Yonnie is always so friendly and greets me with a smile every time! She does such a great job at making sure I'm comfortable during my cleaning.
Emily A.

: Dr. Vadnal is amazing! I avoided going to the dentist for many years and he put me at ease and I didn't feel embarrassed for having anxiety any more after he talked with me. He explained everything he was doing and was very gentle. Highly recommend him! My son and wife have been going to him for several years.
Michael R.

I am very comfortable with the dentist and his staff. Yanni is my hygenist and she was excellent during my last visit
Annette C.

Everyone here are friendly and making me feel more comfortable.Don’t need to change anything.
Hein L.

: Everything was great so far. Dr V explained everything thoroughly and seems to really care about the patients.
Carol M.

: Everything was great so far. Dr V explained everything thoroughly and seems to really care about the patients
Carol M.

Everyone is so welcoming and nice. I feel I have the best team helping me. Good work. Yonnie , I am thankful for you.
Karen D.

: My family has been going to this location in this dentist for mini mini years we absolutely love them, the front of the house is amazing, the whole entire crew is remarkable kind loving almost like a family
Lee M.

The Ladies that set at the desk and greet you are the best.
Lois T.

It was a super pleasant experience as always. Everyone from the receptionist, dental assistant, and dentist was very polite

: Everyone is always courteous, friendly, and helpful. They listen and answer and address all of my questions and concerns. Dr. Vadnal is accessible if I have a concern. I love this office and the dental team
Mary T.

: Everyone at this office is above and beyond great! From the minute I walk in the door I am greeted and remembered, I love it! The staff knows I just had a daughter and I enjoy showing pictures and talking about her and they seem more than happy to oblige. Dr. Vadnal is by far the best dentist I have ever visited. I have a decent amount of anxiety about different things and he is so understanding and patient. The dental associates that help Dr. Vadnal are great and always so patient and caring. Thank you!
Courtney S.

Everyone was amazing, I am so glad a co-worker referred me to this office years ago!
Constance J.

Everyone is friendly, professional and just plain nice!!!!!!!! Though it's not at the top of my list for favorite places to go I don't mind going because it's like going to see old friends.
Laura C.

Absolutely love Yonnie and Dr. Vadnal. I hate going to the dentist and you all make it (literally) as painless as possible!
Brad B.

Don't change anything. The front desk staff are always pleasant. Your dental techs are on the ball. The hygienist is the second one in my entire life that I have used that understands folks with a phobia. She takes fantastic gentle care of me and my family.
Glenn R.

: The whole staff was awesome I should have been coming long time ago
Jacqueline S.

: Don’t change anything you guys rock
Philip C.

: I'm glad I go to your office for my dental care. Everyone there is great.
Stephanie N.

I had a great experice. The staff were very friendly. the front person was ready great and professional GREAT SERVICE
Robert F.

Everyone was great made me feel very comfortable and that not an easy task.
Carol R.

: This is truly one of the best dentists in the Saint Louis area. Everyone i came in contact with was very nice and polite. Each time I go see them I am extremely pleased. I would tell everyone I know to go see them for dental work.


The hygienists who did my teeth was very good. She was very knowledgeable and friendly. The office staff is on the ball. Dr. Vandal knows his trade.
Michael G.

: Becky very polite and helpful
Jeff H.

: Yonnie, thank you. Dr. Vadal, always know I am in good care in your office. Becky, you are always so welcoming.
Karen D.